Funniest/dumbest thing that has happened to you in In TheZone

I’m going to break the mold.

What is the funniest, dumbest, or stupidest thing that has happened to you in In The Zone?

I’ll start by saying a 12 cone stack may or may not of fallen onto my little brother while practicing with a bad mogo lift…

Had a mobile goal only robot toward the beginning of the season. During that time, my mobile goal robot was better than any of my sister teams’. As such, I only practiced with mobile goals, never placed cones on top. As it turns out, this robot knocked off any cones on a mobile goal as it slammed down. In a final match, I attempted to lift a 5-stack of cones into the 10-pt zone, knocked them off, and still won the match somehow.

Also, my awful robot was first seed and ended up winning the tournament…

One of our sister teams got a mobile goal stuck on a nut in their claw and they got tapped from the side so when they started to tip their robot balanced mid tip for a couple seconds and it was amazing.



My auto stack program used to just replace the top cone with a new one instead of stacking it on top

At our last competition I was playing a little defense while my partner scored some mogos, and on accident I drove on top of the other robot. This also happened at at scrimmage in our own field, except when I drove on top of our sister team’s robot, he lifted the lift and my robot was completely on top of the other robot. All this was done with a holonomic drive


Yeah I guess it’s what I get for using a torque motor base

As it turns out, the robot I used at the competition (see the first post) was a torque mecanum drive. (Keep in mind this was the first robot I ever made.) It ended up getting 55 in driver skills, and 20 in programming. I now have a high speed base, and expect to do much better.

Well that’s better than mine did. With our old robot the most I could score is 50 in driver and 0 in programming. But that should change now with our new one. I think a HS drive will allow you to get to all the mogos and therefore higher the driver skills score by a lot

I have the same mogo lift as fuzzy wuzzy, as well as the same drive base. (But not the same skills in programming) Anyway, 4th place, here I come!!!

Ok good luck with that. I also have the same drive base and very similar mogo lift, so I’m hoping to do that too. The problem is we only have half a field, so our programming skills will be limited to around 50 points

No, just, uhhhh, replace the mobile goals when you get them, and, uhhhh, whenever you cross the line, just turn your robot around, as though the zone were the other zone.

Idk make something up i guess

Yeah I probably will do that, at least for practicing driver skills. But I think if you are a good driver, and then you plan out where you want to go, even if you have no field at all, you can be successful

It’s really just about the path you take and how much unnecessary time you have in between scores.

Yeah I agree. I think also that one thing that will affect the highest scores in the world, is if your robot can pick up a cone while driving without slowing down. If you saw the chinese MS teams from Tuduo, they can do this. If they could get every mobile goal scored, then theoretically they can put one cone on each mogo, without slowing their time down more than 2 seconds probably. This would increase the score by 16 points.

During auton in a match, my bot was driving forward to get the mogo (I have a passive internal stacker) and the c channels on the mogo intake dug into the foam mats causing my bot to fall backwards. Mid fall, the mogo intake lifted and hit the loader which prevent our robot from tipping over. Our alliance partner couldnt do anything and we went on to win the match 70-52.

We plugged the partner controller into the “program” port on the main controller. Nearly lost the match because of it.

Cone got stuck in the lift…
lift stopped working for the rest of the match.