Funniest/dumbest thing that has happened to you in In TheZone


our robot drove over the mogo. don’t ask how. long story short, we got our base stuck on the end of the mogo. then our teammate pushed the mogo and our robot into the 10 pt zone.


autonomous code was reverse was on the wrong side lost the match


*30 seconds until our other teams match “we cant find a charged battery”
Me: “Here have this one”
Takes charged battery off our robot and gives it to Jacob who puts it on robot

*Match starts
Jacob:“Oh I forgot to plug in the battery”

I go to the bathroom
*My team’s match starts
Me: Why is only our arm moving and not our drive base
Checks battery
There isn’t one
Both 8685 D and C eliminated in first round of tournament


Our plate was upside down for the whole tournament!


ha ha ha how did you all not acknowledge the fact your plate was upside down?


During autonomous our autonomous code (which we had never tested) caused our arm to fly all the way back and dig into the mat until it broke. Our friend’s robot also had a small fire due to a battery issue, which was hilarious


I let my partner drive at an early regional even though she couldn’t tell which direction was forwards and which direction was backwards. We lost Finals 3 93-92 :frowning:


So this one match of mine was especially crazy…I had a stacking robot that didnt really work but the mobile goal lift worked. So i was up against 2 robots that did not work at all(blue) and my alliance was a clawbot(red). While I was trying to pick up a mobile goal, my stacking mechanism suddenly started working and flipped the red mobile goal into the 10 point zone of the opposite alliance(blue). Then, I started backing up into our 5 point zone to get around the stationary goal and my alliance partner (clawbot) drove into my robot and climbed inside, unplugging the vexnet, and my robot, for some reason, with the clawbot in it, kept going and tipped over the red 20 point bar and folded up again. When I drove back, I had pushed a red mogo into my 5 point zone and my mogo that was in the opposing 10 point goal prevented the other team from scoring a single mobile goal and the robots broke as well. All of this happened in the first 20 seconds. So the field ended with 2 blue robots in multiple pieces all over the field and 2 red robots tipped over in the 20 point zone, one inside the other and I (red) won 5-0.


I remember on one tournament where I attended alone, I rushed around to get a fresh set of “charged” batteries prior to a match, and replaced all the batteries only to learn that it was completely dead. The robot wouldn’t even turn on. That was awkward, just standing there the whole time.


This happened to us too! In SS we used 2 dead batteries in a finals match… We lost in Finals :stuck_out_tongue:


One of my teammates wired our intake, which went up with the lift, and used a short extension. I spent 15 minutes trying to figure out why our intake wouldn’t work to release cones after we raised our lift.


When the referee said we had 4 glasses present on the field when there were only 3 of us at the match. The last one was apparently being worn by our robot for the entire match.


When we built a mogo tipper and everyone gathered in the 1st match to see it deploy. 'Twas epic


Not my video but I was at the same competition and watched it from below. You just heard a bang and see cones moving on the feild. link


At worlds we were in a match with a good alliance partner who liked to make really big stacks (18 high) from the match loads. In autonomous, we drove forward and promptly disconnected (probably our fault). When we disconnected, our roller intake stopped applying power and dropped our preload cone, and then we reconnected and ran it over, this resulted in us being slightly tilted back, but not tipped over. Until our lift raised, trying to stack a cone that it didn’t have, and tipped us over… right in front of the auto loader. We lost the match and felt bad because our partners had a chance to seed fairly high.


Here is the video, we are the far blue robot


Well, i guess ill throw my hat in the ring…So here I was in qualifications playing a close round. About 10 seconds left and my partner who is putting a mogo in 10pt zone says help us out. I think but there isnt time for them to get another mogo so ill just park and get more points. 2 seconds after match end i realize THEY WERE TOUCHING THE MOGO THE ENTIRE TIME. We lost the match by 1 point. at alliance selection I was 4-2-0 and in 10th place. The lowest ranked 5-1 robot was in 5th, so had i moved them I would have been up in “the big leagues”


discovering that our cone intake can pick up a mogo and chuck it across the field…
it was a good day.


Once we caught a motor controller on fire…


@BBBcube3.14 Had a MC29 Glowing orange and a cortex smoking…