Funniest/dumbest thing that has happened to you in In TheZone








We managed to fit four bases in the same 20 point zone in skills…


7842K had an awesome dangling mogo at 1:51


I have a long list of those (: I’m lucky enough to have them all on camera. Here’s a cone leaning on the wall with another cone stacked on-top. We actually got 2 points for the one on-top but not the leaning one somehow.

At The next competition we ended up getting stuck on the pvc for the 10 point zone at the same match as our teamate tipped over and we lost to 2 clawbots at 3:30. D i s s a p o i n t i n g

Then in the same competition our wires wrapped around our arm making it completely stuck. (9:07)

Then at states, our robot and our alliance both disconnected in the same match in the semi-finals and it was completely the robots, not the tower. you can see us stopping and starting in 10:50. we are the red team.

And yes. That was our first year.

leaning cone thingy below
bandicam 2018-09-26 17-30-03-841.jpg


We somehow got a mobile goal nested on the bar between the 10 and 20 points zones in autonomous. No clue how, but it happened.


At the California states, I managed to make the #1 seed not score a single point in our last qualifier, the crowd was booing so much, it was amazing. Unfortunately our alliance partners stack fell over. Rip.
Another time was when we built a ripper for our first competition, in one qualifier we too to long setting up so ended up ripping the chain off, our alliance partners broke but we still won the match. Later in the comp the c-channel that was the tower of the ripper completely snapped. Safe to say we didn’t get to states in that compatition.


To be fair we had low batteries too, it wasn’t a very climactic final


Half our arm fell off and was dragging behind us for the rest of the match.


does that count as stacked?


We were in the Semi Finals at states and our alliance partner had a square base with the wheels on the inside. They somehow got a cone stuck inside of their base between the outside bar and their tire. We were playing defense and had no chance at all of winning. We might have made it all the way if that hadn’t happened.


This happened against 929U and 929X in the first round. Their robot had some tipping issues, and we played some defense on them, which caused them to straight up tip onto us. Unfortunately no video exists, but I was yelling “GET OFF ME BOY” to the driver on U and generally making a good joke out of the situation. Meanwhile our partner tips himself as well.


Funniest/most maddening thing that happened was in our second competition of the season. we had a pneumatic claw and in the 3rd qualification match one of the nuts on the claw was loose and mid match we opened the claw and the entire left side flew off.


Someone decided it would be an amazing idea to use a electric saw on an axel that was on the robot. The cortex and one girl’s hair almost caught on fire.