Fusion 360 CAD Mirroring

Hi all,

I recently have bee designing a drivetrain on Fusion 360 using a CAD library (there only really is one right?) and I’ve come across an issue when mirroring. As you might have experienced yourself, when mirroring objects the sketchpoints and blah blah go missing, so each component is at its max length rather than mirroring exactly. Does anyone have a solution to this?

Here’s an image:

The only “solution” I found for this – which is not really a solution at all – is this:

  1. Once you have one half of your drivetrain, export it as a .stl file.
  2. Using the .stl file you can mirror the drivetrain just fine… however there will be no joints, or sketch points, just the basic geometry. :slightly_frowning_face: You can select all the parts and create a ridged body to prevent parts from moving around when dragging.

This is the closest I have come to finding a solution to this problem, and obviously it doesn’t really help, so for this reason I usually just CAD everything twice.

Sounds cool I guess, wouldn’t inserting by still files make it just a mesh though?

Try breaking the links on all the parts you want to mirror, that may also help some- will allow you to edit those as a separate part without it thinking that it is the same as the part in the library, per my understanding


If you use inventor instead, you can easily mirror your drivetrain (for future cads of course).

I might have suggested the wrong type of file to export as… but that’s the problem with doing it this way, you loose essentially all of the context of your assembly, keeping only geometry information and maybe material and color information.