Fusion 360 Issues

I’m CADing for my team and I use the Fusion 360 student license. After downloading the program, I played around with it for about 8 hours and built the entire base for our robot. I watched a little bit of the Fusion 360 tutorials and some YouTube videos but figuring out how to use the program was mostly trial and error. Fusion 360 worked great for the first day. I built the base by aligning the pieces and making it a rigid group because I hadn’t realized there was a joint function yet. The next day, I used Fusion for about an hour before it started acting up. Every time I tried making a hole in the metal or jointing pieces, my cursor would do the loading spin and Fusion 360 froze. Now every time I use Fusion 360, my activity monitor says it’s not responding. I chose Fusion 360 because I use a MacBook Air. However, I tried a Windows Surface Pro and received the same result: Fusion froze and did not respond when I tried it on the Surface Pro. Both my MacBook and the Surface Pro are brand new and both meet and surpass the Fusion 360 system requirements, and I made sure Fusion 360 was compatible with both before using it. Does anyone else use Fusion 360 and run into the same issue? How does Inventor compare to Fusion 360 for those who have used both? I already posted my issue on the Autodesk forum but it’s been a week and I still no reply, and I tried calling them to see what was wrong, but I couldn’t get in touch with a representative. I figured I should try posting on here since I’m using CAD for VEX anyways. If someone could refer me to a better CAD program that is Apple compatible, that would be awesome. As aforesaid, I have access to both Windows and Apple devices, but I prefer my MacBook. If Windows is better for CADing, I’m fine with using it if I could just get a program to work properly.

From my experience Fusion 360 tends to crash when your assembly has lots of parts. But your situation seems a little strange. I use a Lenovo Yoga 260 and Windows to CAD and I haven’t had any problems. I think the issue is in your design. When I built my first base, I used too many rigid groups, too much grounding and my design was very messy. My suggestion is to start a new assembly and try again but use joints.

If worst comes to worst, it may be worth it to just try reinstalling Fusion.

I have also tried Inventor before and it seems to work very well on devices that have a low processing capability. However, I think Inventor is more difficult to learn than Fusion and it is not touchscreen compatible so I found it difficult to use. Inventor loads faster, and is less laggy than Fusion.

I have heard SolidWorks is good but it consts money and i’m not sure if it works with Apple. I’ved used a little but of SolidWorks before but I still like Fusion the best.

I hope your problem gets solved!

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Interesting. I’ve been having a very similar issue. Hope you solve it, maybe will work for me to. :man_shrugging:

They all cost money. They just all (including Solidworks) provide free student licenses.

We use fusion360 on macbooks a lot and often it can appear that fusion has crashed when actually it is just loading. It would be worth waiting for a minute or so each time to check as this might just be the time needed to process a joint.

To avoid having to wait so long for stuff to process on fusion I recommend hiding anything you dont need to work on at that time. This includes components and work features such as sketches and the icons for joints. Also if you are building a whole robot make it up first in parts(drive, lift, intake etc) then connect them together in one large assembly. This would mean you only need to experience the longest loading times for a few joints.

Sometimes you simply have to wait. Last time it took my fusion an hour and two minutes to finish a complex command.

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