Fusion 360 Problem when breaking link

I want to post my CAD but I can’t until I finish one last item for my robot. However, when I try to break the link to cut the piece, some other pieces on my intake randomly disappear and my whole robot moves. My piece is not connected to anything, and this happened when I tried to break the link for a different piece. Apparently I can’t break another link without this happening. I included a video.

Do you happen to be pressing capture position?

try rolling back the timeline to the point when you inserted the component and break the link right there?

cut the piece in its original file, then update your current file

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yes i did press capture position

The pieces that are separating dont happen to be attached to the part you are cutting right?

I think theres something wrong in one of the source files for the pieces which are splitting apart

I can’t do that because the source file is the source for all the c channels, its a 35 hole but cut to all the different sizes

So your c channel source file has already been pre cut into pieces?

well as I said before all the c channels come from the same big 35 hole c channel, so I guess if there is something wrong it would be that one but i’ve broke the link for it many times and nothing was wrong

its just a 35 hole c channel and then I cut it when I put it into the design, except now when I try to cut it it messes the whole robot up

are your intakes a rigid group? or are they just a collection of parts?

they are parts jointed together

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You should join the Vex CAD discord server (if you haven’t already), there’s a lot of very experienced people in there that respond very fast. Here’s the link: https://discord.gg/BKV3DJm


could you post a video of you splitting the c channel?
(not just a undo and redo)
It would help us figure out what is wrong. Do any error messages appear?

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If you export as a step file, and then open that file again in fusion, you lose all your joints and all links are broken. From there you can make rigid groups if you’d like, or leave everything in space without constraints. Either way, your link should be broken without causing issues.

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