Fusion 360 - VEX Cad - Bug when 'Modifying' 3x Alu C channel?

Dear all,

When I use the VEX Cad library and the add-in and modify the length of a 3x aluminium C Channel, a bug occurs as attached below. (Only the black dots in each hole are removed, but not the metal)

However, other parts like the 5x aluminium C channel, 5x aluminium plate, and more can be modified normally. Is this some bug or is there something that I might have missed? Many thanks.

Fusion 360
Mac Apple Silicon M1

Try reading the faq on GitHub. It helped me a lot when I had this problem.

This problem exists with both the 3 wide channel and the U channel.


Hi, it would be great if you could change the tag on this thread as the VEX CAD project is not run by Vex.

I assume you recently downloaded the parts and tool from here:

I just tested it and could not recreate the problem. Just to confirm, are you selecting the Component and not the Bodies?

EDIT: Listen to what Benn said, I posted this at the same time and that would work better.

Are you trying to cut the piece. if thats the case i just make a sketch and extrude it into the Cchannel and cut it that way.

I selected the bodies - let me try to select the components . Many thanks for your kind help!

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Thanks so much @Benn and @Max_Johnson03 for your quick help! ‘Unsupressing Features’ solved the problem!