Future FOUNDATION Challenge Materials

I’m reading the FUTURE Foundation Robot Challenge, and I have a question. If I should put this in a Q&A I can do that, but I figured it was worth a shot asking here.

“The robot should be made of VEX components, with the use of non-VEX components allowed for decorations or for video, sound, cameras, or similar elements not provided by VEX.”

In the construction of our robot, can we make useable portions from a single sheet of 12"x24" polycarbonate, as per the Toss Up Manual? Or do we have to use absolutely only VEX Metal?

Yes, you may use a small amount of non-VEX material in your FUTURE Foundation Challenge submission. Using the *Toss Up *rules is a good guideline.

Excellent. Thank you very much. This project sounds like a lot of fun.