Future Games

It would still be difficult for them to hog all which would definently make it at least initially a speed run

i personally liked the no expansion. I allowed for I feel more precise designs, because you don’t have a robot this that and the other way.

I would also like a game where we didn’t have to use DR4Bs or Scissor lifts.

It would still be difficult for them to hog all which would definetly make it at least initially a speed run

seems like every game besides NBN so far has required the lift to reach crazily high to score any points. something where you don’t need super complicated lifts would be awesome.

XD maybe next year we will get REAL linear slides…

I’m talking all-metal ones with grease and ball bearings.

What if you were required to use a claw bot but were allowed the choice of where motors go where and what strength to have them at. This would do wonders to even the playing field between poorer and richer organizations

everyone on the vex forums should collaborate to make the ultimate game for the 2018-2019 competition and force vex to use it.

Yes! We will threaten them by leaving VRC if they don’t use the game we make. I’m totally down for that.

((((evil scheming intensifies)))))))

sayy how about a game where the playing field is made out of ice…

That would suck for stearing plus have you seen what it costs for Vex branded ice?!

true, it would cost a fortune

And then if it melts you’re not allowed to refreeze it so you have to buy replacement ice

Which would need a vex branded freezer to keep it at a vex branded temperature

in all seriousness, hockey pucks might be a good scoring object for an upcoming vex challenge

Plus, with the introduction of the vision sensor, there will probably be some scoring that requires tracking for autonomous.

That would also be very costly, vex cant wait to get their hands on your money.

Don’t know if this has been said but I would love another shooting game but more in the style of the first steam works game with smaller game objects that we collect and have tons of then shoot them into something, hoppers would be fun to get things out of. I would also love to see an implementation of the balence bridges like in Crossover, it’s a unique way for teams to work together like the lifting in nothing but net.

Another style of game I would want to see is just the gear part of FIRST steam works where you have teams driving one thing back and forth and colliding and fighting in the middle. It would be very simple but very strategically and offensive.

Steam Works looked like a really fun game. All about compactness, speed, and maneuverability. I really want a game where we can get to Worlds with an 8 motor turbo drive, meaning the robot doesn’t have to do many functions, it just needs to do the couple it has to very fast.