Future of EasyC

There has not been an update in over a year, and there has been no EasyC release for VEX IQ. Is EasyC being phased out?

No, easyC is not being phased out, as some of you may or not know Intelitek makes a large number of products. Most recently we have been hard at work on our new line of CNC Machines and E-Learning System.

Check out our line of CNC here: http://www.intelitek.com/engineering/cnc-machines/
Check out LearnMate here: [http://www.intelitek.com/e-learning/learnmate-elearning/

With the CNC machine software development nearing its end, the team has begun to refocus on EasyC. Shortly we will be releasing an update to the way EasyC handles memory on the Cortex so you can upload files for both the speaker and other things you may dream up.

Intelitek is firmly committed to the Vex community; stay tuned for upcoming announcements on future EasyC platforms.](http://www.intelitek.com/e-learning/learnmate-elearning/)