FVC Mini Rack N' Roll

I am just wondering if our team has the only video of the Mini Rack N’ Roll. At the VCU Exhibit/ Regional, the NASA team let us play around with their Mini Rack N’ Roll set up. Tmaxxguy built a device for it in less than 10 minutes and we were just as good, if not better. Does anyone else have any video of them playing around with A Mini Rack N’ Roll? So far (from what I can find) we are the only ones on the internet to have anything.

Contact FRC/FVC Team 40. They are likely to have video and they might have some up on their web site. They hosted a 1/3 RNR competition early during the FRC build season.

I tried loading my video of my mini-version of Team 648’s FRC robot onto my photobucket account but something went wrong and it didn’t work. Maybe I’ll try it later.

Team 40 staffed their 1/3 scale model at the FRC UTC Connecticut Regional last weekend. It was very cool.

FVC team 1002 also made a robot at the VCU regional and we also demoed the robot at the Peachtree Regional
we made the robot with only 3 motors and a servo, and no programming and it does pretty well - one of our team members can score 6 ringers in a row on the “official” mini-FRC field that Team 40 made and brought to the VCU regional [our robot was actually nicknamed ‘score’]
i only currently have far-away shots of the robot, so i plan to upload some closeups soon

You can see my Mini-FRC robot at the following link:

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It’s Mini-Spartacus and is pretty close to being a replica of 648’s 2007 FRC robot… just without swerve drive, arm extension, and there’s no elbow on the real one, just a wrist.

I’m in the process of making a ramp-bot from my second kit to compliment this one, I just haven’t found the time. Check them out in Atlanta.

I was thinking about building a VEX Rack N Roll robot and I was just wondering where to get small inflatibles rings to use?

If small inflatible rings aren’t available what did everyone else use?

I would really apreciate any help that you could give me. I have tried looking on the internet without much luck. The smallest ring that I could find was 14.5 inches which I figured was probably too big for a 12.5 in x 12.5 in VEX frame.

Also, does anyone have any suggestions for building the tower that the rings go on? I had thought about using 1/2 in PVC pipe and fittings.


Use coiled up pieces of pool noodles cut from full length pieces.