First, I would to say congratulations on the all of the GA STATE winners. To the OLA HIGHSCHOOL staff they did a tremendous job of hosting an incredible tourney. The facilities were outstanding, plenty of room, practice fields, the competition fields on the gym floor with seating in the stands, gave everybody a chance to view what was going on during match play.


1313A, 1313B, 1313D
You were the coolest cats on the mat. Congratulations.

Some special recognition, I would like to bestow.
To the coach of 7201 - You are a tremendous mentor, you have taught me a lot as a competitor - mentor and as a human being. We are cut from different corners of the same cloth. Your teams were amazing, in sportsmanship, their knowledge, professionalism on the floor and to other teams. NOMINAL call me impressed, with my created spreadsheets it had you at 15th. Taking the top spot, pretty amazing feat within itself. Knowing the caliber of talent this year in the top 14 teams. Regardless of outcome, there are 56 schools that would have traded places with you.

To the teams and coaches of 383 - You guys ROCK! You lent a hand, when needed, you took a hand when you needed it as well. You have shown the true measure of what VEX is about. Thank you all for the hospitality and your game play.

585A Kronos Team. Without you allowing our teams, advisors, and coaches to learn from your bot, design and information you provided us, while we were without a bot, (just trying to learn enough to make something work) we would not have made it to state. It started with what you taught us between rounds.

Morgan County and the 3600 crew - you will pretty much always be a sister team to us. You proved the world wrong with a push bot. What your pit crews pulled off between rounds, the camaraderie between our teams, the competition level between us, it honestly feels like we are 1 team. Never take a team selection personally, or feel bad about choosing 1 bot for another. This is a game and out of the 60 competitors in the field 36 were not getting selected. Many winning teams did not get picked and that’s how the game is played. We are not upset in the littlist bit, nor does it effect our friendship. ODIN wasn’t performing, call it gremlins, call it whatever. The THURSDAY and FRIDAY before State, it ran like a champ, 3 automodes, all tested and one could crush a 21 point swing. The day of the match we couldn’t have hit WATER falling out of boat.

Coffee County, you guys have improved more than we have, I think. You have had one steep learning curve and your bot at state proved it. I would “stand tall” on your accomplishment this season.

1264 TEAMS - Thank you for the use of the spare controller, when our was misplaced.

Alcovy and 265 Thank you for accepting us, sorry we were not competitive, we have been and will be again. We are always keeping an eye out on what you guys do, your close enough for us to have some head to head time in the coming tourney year.

I know I am forgetting someone, or a couple of folks. I do apologize and thank you. This year for us, we learned a lot. We learned more about ourselves, and we learned we still do know a lot, but we are learning.

TO all of our WORLD Qualifiers. GO SHOW THEM HOW WE DO THIS IN GA!