Gael Force 5327B Reveal

Hey everyone!

Our state championships are tomorrow, and we thought it would be nice to do a robot reveal before the competition.

Our team started late May last year when we began researching, as we are a team consisting of only sophomores and freshmen. The construction of our actual robot began near late August and has greatly improved since.

4 motor base (motors internally geared to high speed)
4 motor lift (high torque)
2 motor intake (high speed)
2 piston front launcher

Something that our team considers unique about our robot is our lift, which is not your classic 6-bar. Instead, we have a double 4 bar. It works efficiently and is well balanced, allowing us to stash multiple times in a match.

Unfortunately, we don’t have any public videos of our launcher, so you’ll just have to check it out tomorrow. :slight_smile: However, without lunging, we can launch about 15 times from the hanging zone to the goal zone. (With lunging, it would be about 20.) We can also launch full field with our lift at the height of the bump a few times when fully pumped.

We will be posting pictures and more videos soon. For the meantime, here’s one of our elimination match videos from our last competition: We are the red middle zone robot. (You can find more videos on that same youtube channel.)

If you see us tomorrow, feel free to talk to us and see our robot first hand! (If you don’t we’re more than happy to communicate with you through other means.)