Gaelscout mobile!

*Note this is not an advertisement. It’s a message to spread a resource that anyone can use. The creators of this app are not recieving any monetary benefit. We are just trying to help teams so please don’t flag this post :slight_smile:

This is an important resource that any team can use to improve their overall game play.

Download Gaelscout on the App and Play Store today!!! It’s an amazing app which teams can use to find information about any team in the world like their region of origin, school, name, etc. Gaelscout also has an extremely cool feature called the match predictor which uses an ARTIFICIALLY INTELLIGENT neural network to accurately predict the outcome of matches and quickly determine possible alliance partners. You can also search up important statistics for any team in the world such as their ccwm score and see how they have been doing in the last couple tournaments. There is also a notes page where you can record important information about teams which will automatically be saved on your device. This app is available on both the play store for android and the app store for ios devices.

Download for android:
Download for apple:

Or search up “Gaelscout Pradeep Murti” on your apple device or “Gaelscout Anshul Kashyap” for android devices in the respective stores.

Download today and start using this amazing tool to improve your competition performance.

Spread the word!!!


Sounds cool, I might try it out soon.


interesting. I’ll probably use this, thanks


Just downloaded it and it is pretty nice. I searched up my team and the stats seem accurate (as far as I can remember). One suggestion to the developers is to make the “rank” tab have a line graph. It’s hard to visualize what rank you’re looking at for a team with a curved graph. Otherwise, the app is very straight forward and clean. I am curious though. How frequently do the team stats get updated?


I wish we could also search by team number. That would be a great feature to add.
Idk why Google plays says it has ads when it clearly doesn’t. Smh Google,

That’s not Google’s fault. Whoever published the app in Google Play did not do so correctly.


Will this be recording stats for this season as well? If so, will the stats for each season be kept separate?

The team stats are updated based on the VEX db which should be updated within a day after a competition. An update will be coming soon regarding the neural network to make it more optimal for members to use.


Yes, the app will be updated within the next couple days to receive accurate information and statistics for this year’s competition as well as an updated match predictor to output more accurate predictions. Also we will be updating the UI to make it more aesthetically pleasing.


The team used React Native to develop this app and by default the framework creates an “ad service” which doesn’t actually use ads. We will try to fix this as soon as possible but for now the app store listing will say that it does contain ads even though it doesn’t.


Definitely will use this at our next competition. Thanks for the app!


Quick question what is the newest iOS/ iPadOS version supported… I’m currently running 13.2 Developer Beta 1 and it keeps crashing.

Wel, IOS dev beta usually isn’t as stable, as a stable release, try that


Let me try it on another device

The developers will look into this bug as soon as possible. Thank you for letting us know about the problem.


EDIT: Crashes on latest stable release of iOS as well

Does it only accept a team number if the team has previously competed or does it just not recognize my team number since it was just registered like a month ago. Ik it’s kinda a stupid question lol.

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VexDB does not store data about teams that have not competed. Because the app sources data from VexDB, it will not be aware of teams which have not competed.


well that explains why I couldn’t find myself.

Once you participate in your first competition, your stats should be updated within a couple days of the competition and you should be able to look yourself up.