Gah.....sometimes i think it's a drug

ok so i’ve recruited a friend who saw what i was doing and wanted to try and make them at work so he is gonna make some for free cause he likes a challenge and he doesn’t normally work with stuff that small. (For those of you who don’t know i’m working on building a universal joint for the vex) but while at work today doing something completly different i was putting up a reel of nylon rope and i paused maybe for a moment maybe longer i don’t know. but these visions of something grand started to flow and my fustrations of my recent failure were washed away and while the uvj is still on the fore burner i’m cooking up a sample of something tasty. i’ve noticed the Linear Slide Pack and been wanting one but i am having difficulty visualizing how i could implement it in to my bot. hehehe don’t ask what the bot is i havn’t even made it to that part i build my bots around what i envision. like for example i saw a bag of dogfood and made a truck to move it around the house. thinks like that i see new designs for steering pulling shooting driving and i take them and build around it. but this idea… this idea has an almost unlimited possibility. i’m soooo excited atm i feel like i’m a teenager again gonna need to make that run to the hobby store tomorrow afternoon. now remember that this all started with one reel of nylon rope. a detailed drawing with it’s imperfections will be posted either later tonight or tomorrow night.

god speed

lol, yes vex is highly addictive.

lol so adictive you could be caught and arrested!!