Gallery Thumbnail Bug

I’ve noticed this for a while, but no one else seems to have brought it up.

The preview images for people’s most recent gallery uploads shows a gallery upload from some time ago. For example, I just uploaded 5 images. They all show the preview thumbnail for my “Keps Nut Hinge” image.
I’ve seen it for others as well.

Is there any way to fix this?

I’ve noticed this as well, and I’m sure a lot of others have too. Two of my pictures that I uploaded had the same thumbnail picture. It would be a great fix!

Bump !

It would be nice to have thumbnails work properly on the gallery. Anything that the community can do to help ?

I have noticed this. It is very annoying because sometimes people upload new images, but the thumbnail is an older image.

Hi Everyone,
Thanks for pointing this out. We’re looking into upgrading our gallery and vBulletin versions. Both are getting pretty old but we haven’t had time to do a forum refresh (we also didn’t want to bring the forum down during the heaviest part of the season).

We’re working on it.


I’m not sure if this is happening to other people but what happened to the gallery comments section on the bottom of the forum webpage? They might be upgrading the forum at the moment so maybe it’s just temporarily down.

JVN, did they take it off?

We have disabled the gallery comment threads. Users who would like to discuss images should create new threads in the appropriate forum and link to the image in question.