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I was wondering if we can use the winch and pulley kit on our robots this year but with a different string. I saw a post from 10 years ago that said that it had to be identical to the one from the kit but I’m not sure if that is true anymore. Does anyone know if it’s legal to do so this year?

It is legal to use a different length of rope, but that rope needs to meet the requirements set by the game manual.

Page 26

Certain non-VEX components are allowed. Robots are allowed the following additional “nonVEX” components:

e. An unlimited amount of 1/8” (or local metric equivalent), braided, nylon rope.

Info tabs

(1) Rope Section 4-foot (122cm)
Rope Diameter Size: 0.125" (3.18mm)
Rope: Nylon, Solid Braided (Ultimate Tensile Strength: 100lbs)


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You have me intrigued. What do you plan to do with this?

another believer in RTFM

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I was planning on making a trapdoor for my snail bot

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