Game Design Animation Challenge Robot

The VEX Game Design Animation Challenge details state:

Does this mean that judges will be evaluating animations for robot models constructed in a fashion similar to CAD, which accurately portray VEX products?

Judges will not be looking for CAD-level details and accuracy, but they should be recognizable as VEX parts. No need to worry about every little detail like fasteners, wires, spacers, and lock collars.

This rule is intended to make the robots in the animation more realistic and less like products of video games, but this is still not a CAD challenge.

Thank you for the quick reply.

While I understand that a blanket ruling may not possible based on one statement, is some artistic license allowed? For instance, in order to facilitate clear distinction between blue and red team robots, our animations have featured red-colored robots playing against blue-colored robots. Of course, while blue and red colored metal is not a VEX product, we feel that this offers viewers a better experience than using traditional VEX flags, which may become obscured during play.

Thanks in advance, and my apologies if this question is a bit nitpicky. :smiley:

Actually, in the VEX Robotics Competition it is legal to paint your robot, so color variations are fine, and probably make your animation look more lively, too.

Edited to add: you, of course, do not have to pay attention to any existing VRC rules. It is your game, you make the rules, and if you allow painted robots, that is just fine.

Hehe, I guess that would make sense :smiley: