Game Design----Creating Robot

My team is having trouble creating a vex robot in blender for game design. Do any of you have a tutorial on how to create a vex robot or have a vex robot object that you could put on BlendSwap for us to use it as a reference? Thank you very much and good luck!!!


I’m probably one of the few people here to actually fully animate VEX robots in a 3D package (3ds max).

It’s hard, I’d start by grabbing a bunch of CAD models and importing them. I regularly had to fix parts of them or optimize them for 3D animation.

This video tutorial I made a while back sort-of explains the import process for max. See the first page of that thread for my rendering tutorial. But it’s all max, I don’t know anything about Blender.

However it is worth noting that plenty of the animation entries didn’t bother with photorealistic robots and have done well in the past. I’ve also know at least one entry to have flopped because they overdid things like this and got crushed by the render times.

Totally your call, but I will say this, if your lighting / materials / audio / animation / game sucks, no one is going to care if your robots are made out of real parts or not.

Robots like these work very well:)