Game Design Help!

Hello VEX Members! Do you guys/girls know any god tutorials for learning the animation software, Blender? My team is new to Blender and good tutorials would really benefit us. Thank you very much!

I found the tutorials right on blender’s website to be fairly helpful.

Thank you! Good luck to you and your team.

Why Blender?

There are several great introduction to Blender tutorials online:

As mentioned previously, the blender website offers lots of great tutorials for beginners. I would also recommend the CG Cookie Blender Beginners Series on YouTube. The CG Cookie series covers lots of the basics of modeling, animating, and lighting in Blender.

There are also a number of very well done intermediate and advanced tutorials that can be found on BlenderGuru. I have personally used many of the concepts taught through these tutorials in my own creations.

If I get some free time I have aspirations of making my own Blender Tutorial Series, but that’s for the future… :slight_smile:

Hope this helps, and I can’t wait to see what you all create!