Game Element Details

I am new to VEX and looked all over for details on the elements. I finally found them in the field specs pdf so I thought I would share.
goal stack details.png
cone details.png
pylon details.png
stationary goal details.png

Looking through the spec PDF can be a pain, especially on lower-powered devices (the pdf is something like 180mb), so it is very nice of you to extract them!

Are those measurements in inches or centimeters?

All measurements are in inches

Can we get a source on that? Seems weird to me that the weight measurements would be in metric while the length measurements are imperial.

Edit: On closer look, it doesn’t make any sense for some of those units (for example, I sincerely doubt the cones are only 7cm high (~3")), but it would still be nice to see an authoritative source

Yes, click on an image, it says it on the title block in bold letters.

Oh yeah, will you look at that

Edit: In my defense, I wasn’t wearing my glasses and had to look pretty closely to make that out, lol