Game elements arriving in each state

What state are you in and have you gotten the new game elements yet? I am really eager to get my hands on them, as many of you might be.

South Carolina’s were suppose to come today but FedEx driver got delayed so they come tomorrow.

Maryland, 2-3 days ago

British Columbia, Canada.
I believe that they’ll start shipping in mid May.

California’s are shipping on may 15th.

Nebraska they ship may 15, arrive in late may.

SC - said May 15 ship when I ordered last week.

UK are June 1st. Directly after exams finish for uni :slight_smile:

Virginia. I’ve been told May 15.

We are in Indiana. Ours shipped monday and arrived wednesday.

I may be wrong, but. I think when game elements arrived isn’t dependent so much where you live, but when you ordered them.

There where teams in northern Indiana that had their pieces a full week before us.

Robotmesh said May 1 when I ordered, but they still haven’t shipped. The website now says May 15th. (in Indiana)

1115A from Indiana got them in on the 2nd of May.

Maine got ours yesterday

Nebraska- got they yesterday, but we ordered they during the game unveil right as they became available, so that might have helped.

It’s annoying that VEX said game objects won’t ship until May 15th, but then decided to ship them earlier

I’m wondering if different vendors are shipping at different times.

Did it cause problems with packages arriving and no one being there to receive them? In general, things shipping early isn’t something people complain about, so i curious why it is a problem.

If that’s the case, VEX should have said that they were sending them to the vendors earlier. I talked to our local reseller and was told that they would not get them until after vex started shipping. That might have been wrong or vex plays favorites with the vendors; IDK.

My friend ordered one right after the reveal and it still hasn’t come. That might have been from robotmesh, though. I was waiting to buy it from our local reseller in order to support them thinking they would get them shortly after everyone else.

That supposedly was a mistake
If it is that vex is shipping them sooner than the resellers, then that’s fine. I guess the lesson for the future is if you want the game pieces asap buy from vex and pay the extortionate shipping rather than trying to save with the resellers. It’s just in the past this hasn’t been a problem.

I just would like to know what is going on and if ordering from will for sure get here sooner than May 15.

@Highwayman when we ordered it said that they would ship on May 1st. I think that the May 15th might be because of when you ordered. Also these were probably rough estimates as they did not ship until they returned from Worlds.