Game Feature Daydream Poll

What game elements would you most like to see come back in next year/future games?

  • Platform Battle (Turning Point Style)
  • Target Shooting (Turning point/nothing but net)
  • Stacking
  • High/low Hang
  • Expansion Limit
  • No Expansion Limit
  • Divided field

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I just want it to be more difficult and complicated than lifting a plain sphere into a 18" tall basket. That’s all I ask for.

hanging or other difficult endgame bonuses would be nice. So would interesting game peices and field elements.


It is a cool thread idea, but we already have one fairly similar.

Honestly, I would love to see a balancing bridge like in Crossover or 2012 FRC. This would be the perfect endgame (especially if your opponents cannot interfere with the balancing) because it’s easy to plan for (doesn’t necessarily need any additional mechanisms) and would be fun, as a spectator, to watch in a match.


i hate divided field. theres no interaction and its just awful. starstruck was my least favorite game and im sure yallve seen my posts about change up.

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