Game led dark on Joystick?

We recently set up a competition field, and found that the GAME LED on our joystick wouldn’t light up when hooked up to the driver interface. We tried a controller from a friend and it worked. We tried updating the firmware on the robot, controller, and VexNet keys, with no luck. We are also running the latest version of tournament manager. Anybody know how to fix?

Does the joystick still switch between autonomous and driver when the tournament manager tells it to?
If so then you may just be looking at a broken LED

No, the controller works with the robot regardless of the state of the driver interface

Most likely just a bad LED and shouldn’t have any effect on the operation of the joystick. If you feel like, you can open it up and see if there are any cold solder spots, but I don’t think it would be worth it to send the controller back for repair.

I meant it doesn’t switch to and from autonomous and doesn’t get disabled like it should

That sounds like a connection issue then with the RJ45 port on the back
Try an open it up and check the solder points for cracks
Also try it with a different ethernet cable

Oh, sorry, I misunderstood your post. Yes, check the things that were already mentioned, and if you have a programming cable try to switch between modes in your programming software (I know you can do this in RobotC, not sure about EasyC). This should work fine, and would indicate it is a problem with the plug.

Thank you all I will try these and report back