GAME light not green

We are trying to configure the clawbot to the joystick. All lights turn green except for the GAME light. Everything is up to date. What can I try? I’ve also tried looking at the troubleshooting flowchart online. Nothing is working.

I don’t think the Game light is supposed to turn on unless you’re plugged into a competition switch for playing the VRC game (hence the name). If this is not for competition, everything else should still work perfectly fine without the Game light on. Are you still able to get the functionality you want?

Ok, however I am not able to move any part of the robot. No part of the Joystick will move any motor.

Have you compiled and downloaded any code to the Cortex? AFAIK, the robot only has basic functions out of the box, you have to program it to move motors/do stuff when the Joystick buttons are pressed. If you have code running on the cortex, you might also want to post it here in case there is a mistake that might be causing the issue.

How do I reset it to the default coding?
Out of the box we had the basic functions working. Yesterday we tried starting the programming, but feel maybe something went wrong. This is why we are trying to reset them to start over.

You can wipe the code from the robot, but sadly you can’t reset to default coding(You can find the default code online, though). Press and hold the CONFIG button for 10 seconds on the remote and cortex.

You can get the default firmware back through the firmware upgrade utility.

Why don’t you post your code so we can help you troubleshoot it if you think that might be the problem