Game Manual and Autonomous Period

Hi guys! I have 2 questions.
1-) what if we touch the line in the autonomous period but do not cross it? Like when turning our back is touch it a little bit or while taking the disk

2-) Is it okay if we stay in touch with the rollers when the autonomous period is over?

I looked game manual but i couldnt see the answers that i need

  1. As long as you do not contact the other side of both lines it is legal.
  2. That is perfectly legal.
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thank u so much! If the referee does not accept these situations, what can I show him? (we had these situations in a tournament and we couldn’t show anything so )

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The rulebook doesn’t tell you everything that you can do but there is nothing in the rules that can help you prove the roller exame, but politely ask the referee to tell you which rule you broke instead.
For the autonomous line, you will find this in the game manual - take a look.

For the line part, rule SG8:

And for the roller, there is nothing saying you cannot end touching it, therefore it’s legal.