Game object Booster?

in this video: that plate shoots out and i’m not sure how it does it, i’m pretty sure it’s tension but what are the rubber bands connected to to allow it to lower back and lock to the claw when the claw is lowered, help would be much appreciated.

There is enough in the video to fully recreate the system, if your looking for a hint watch the short 1 second clips slowly.

Good luck :slight_smile:

Also look at their reveal thread many discussed how to build it in there as well

I Have a question - What advantage does this have over other claws which can regularly get into the far zone?

It does not require as fast of a lift to throw them into the 2 point

the thread said that they have a flexible linkage that pulls the catapult down and straightens when they raise the arm, I have no idea what that means

This is a build thread someone made of their own iteration of 3388t’s robot

watch the claw when it closes, look at what else moves and you will see how it locks.

thank you so much this helped a lot

No problem!