Game Object Cad Files?

Where Can I find stl or other cad files for the starstruck game objects (star/cube), I already have the parts. If someone needs them I have stl files for almost any vex part just ask if you need them.

Underneath the field specs at the bottom.


I was just about to copy paste the link! Beat by seconds!

Speaking of the page linked above. That particular page is very hard to find on their website. It is not intuitive at all where to find it, IMO. Then, once you happen to stumble across the page the CAD files are tucked away at the very button in -6 size font (ok, I’m exaggerating, but it is hard to find)

Thanks for your help. I hate that I have to convert the files to stl before I can use them in blender.

Click the really big picture on the homepage works. Or google VEX Starstruck.

When I google “VEX Starstruck” I do not get that particular page as a result. I only get the “shopping” pages for the field elements kits, wall kit, manual, etc. Not the page in question.

I did not know you could click the picture on the homepage, so that is useful I guess. But a big CLICK HERE might be more logical.

It’s the competition resources page. VEX EDR dropdown to competition to 2016-17 game.

I get that page when I search, probably basing on history though.

You can also search VEX Nothing But Net, click the link that says Nothing But Net, and it’ll be the Starstruck page. :slight_smile:

Yea, kind of my point. Not very intuitive to find. :slight_smile: