Game Objects knocked out

So I was watching a match on YouTube and I noticed that a team had a object and went under the 12" barrier and then tried to score on the 24" goal. The ball then missed the goal and went out of the field. The referee then placed it back in the zone with the goals (not in the 24" goals, but the zone that those are in). Therefore the game object would be counted as scored, which it was never placed in that zone. My question is whether or not the out-of-field objects go back to the hanging zone, or do they put it back where the robot is closest to.

According to G8, objects that leave the playing field will be returned to the same zone as the robot that ejected the object.:smiley:

Thanks Maxx :eek:

With one caveat from a Q&A

If a scoring object (A) leaves the field due to contact with another scoring object (B), A is returned to the zone in which it originally was. For example, destashing a large ball out of the field by throwing a small ball at it from the hanging zone does not make the large ball come over to the hanging zone.

What if the robot is partially in more than one zone?