Game Objects with Team Registration

Do teams that register receive any game objects (like 1 or 2 sacks) included with the registration? I seem to recall receiving an object or 2 (along with the team number plates) for every challenge except Clean Sweep.

Sorry not sure but i will tell we got objects when we registered for cleansweep
one soccer and one football i think we got.

You get 2 sacks in the welcome kit.


I just uncovered a box that says, “Clean Sweep Team Registration Welcome Kit”, big enough for the 2 balls (and a deflated white ball). I had assumed we bought them separately as a low-cost kit, but they must’ve come as freebies. What a deal!

Here is the complete list of what comes in the VRC SA Welcome Kit:

2 VRC 2012-2013 Green Bag
2 Flag, Florescent Blue, with 9" shaft
2 Flag, Florescent Red, with 9" Shaft
1 ROBOTC Resource CD
1 easyC Resource CD
1 Letter, VEX Tri-Fold Brochure
1 CD, VEX Robotics Competition Resources
1 Letter, VEX SACK ATTACK Welcome
1 Gift from IFI

Would team ID plates fall under “VRC Resources?”

When you register your first team for a school or club, you receive the VRC Welcome Kit (contents listed above) and your robot license plates. For each additional team, you receive the license plates, but no Welcome Kit.