Game play on fields on platforms

There has been lots of chatter about the raised fields at worlds and standing on boxes, wearing super thick soled shoes, etc.

On Saturday we went to a scrimmage at DC Knights (DCCS) in Newtown Square PA. They found that the cafeteria tables were all most the right height. (The tables are 12’ long and have built in bench seats) They placed 4*4 lumber across three tables and placed band platforms on top of that, then the VEX field. At the end it was 36" off the floor and 24" for roboteers standing on the benches.

It was a pretty quick and easy setup, and most schools are going to have access to the materials.

The roboteers there for the day were impressed on how “different” it is to drive the robots. The ladder in the middle does block your view, other robots moving around block your view, etc.

It’s worth it to try it out. As a secondary plan, you can always sit on the floor around the field, it will give somewhat the same effect.
This is what we ended up going with at our pre-World Championship scrimmage. It definitely was different, and like you said the ladder and other robots sure do get in the way. It should make Worlds interesting.


New defensive tactic opportunity for otherwise less capable robots:
Deploy large opaque wings (like Clean Wweep wall blockers) and position self between opposing driver and their robot.

What are sportsmanship implications?

  • Its more passive aggressive than aggressive aggressive.

I love this idea. It’s like the idea where you drop rings over the wall into the opposing alliance station, to cause confusion when the refs try to collect the rings and place them back on the field. Only your idea seems like it could be more effective…


haha, we had the exact same idea!
remember all those clean sweep fold-out blocking bots?
quick, build one now!