Game Reveal Plans

So in light of quarantine, I wanted to know what you guys will be doing during the game reveal. Will you be having a quarantine party, will you start coming up with designs, will you go right to the forum to say how much you love/hate the game? How are you going to start a new season off right?


I’ll be watching it

Not in person



By watching the reveal and reading the manual


I- now I regret my wording… Thank you for your insightful contribution.


The exact same thing we always do every year when the new challenge comes out:

  1. Watch the reveal, probably like 10 times or more (by ourselves).
  2. Go through the manual and figure out what are the ways to score.
  3. Draw each mechanism your robot will be using, drive, lift, intake, shooter, claw… with an explanation on how it will be used and designed.
  4. Then Monday we will meet as a team and go through the decision matrix and figure out which design we like, if we can take elements of multiple designs, etc… Once we come up with our design, we assign each person (4 on team) something to build and 1 person creates the program.

Obviously we cannot meet together, but we always come up with our designs without any team members around. We do not have any parties or communication with our team members until Monday. This way each person carefully thinks our their ideas and takes the time to research and really draw them out with great detail.

So now, we probably have to have 1 person, our best builder, build all mechanisms during the quarantine. 1 Person to do the Engineering note book, and 2 team members will start creating the programs.


One thing that probably won’t happen this year is a 24 hour reveal or many RI3Ds. I don’t see many happening due to the quarantine.

Idk most ri3d’s probably already happen at people’s homes tbh, its hard to get enough time for a ri3d at school. I still
Expect some ri3d’s, but probably not until game pieces get shipped.


me and the boys will be on discord with the alliance listening to the final countdown while the game gets released. then plan on doing a RI3D. yeah its gonna be fun.

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Don’t wanna brag or anything, but I’ll probably be doing a Ri5M


Don’t you think it will be hard because people can’t get together? It would only be a 1 man show unless a team had siblings or something.

I plan to disassemble my old robot before the reveal, watch the reveal, think for a solid hour, and then build a robot in 1 day


Teams might not want to disassemble too quickly…there could be some Summer/Early Fall Tower Takeover events popping up. We’re considering doing Tower Takeover at the Monroe County Fair on August 8. Might event try to squeeze a VEX-U event in there, since many U-Teams only got one or two comps the whole season. There might be others planning similar special events, too.


I’m just gonna do a 24 hour by myself, I got the parts!


ill be doing one with @Micah_7157X

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My team will watch the game in a call and talk about designs

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What my team plans on doing -

  1. We’ll look at all of the game manual and reveal (multiple times), figure what what actions on the field have the highest “point powers” (How fast/valuable/feasible each scoring method is)

  2. Figure out how the robot will play on the field compared to what we think other teams will do. This includes figuring out where to score, when to score, and our foreseen cycle times, and how to get those scoring cycles as fast as possible.

  3. We then use these predictions to sketch/brainstorm/CAD/prototype different designs.

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Right before quarantine started, I took the robot home for one reason, and one reason alone. I will build and test every design.


That seems a bit tedious. While you should test many designs there will always be some that you can conclude to be inferior than others without building. Cading is also a good way to rule some out without having to waste parts.


I didn’t really mean every design, just like 2 or 3

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Proceeds to build dr4b for a game with an 18” vertical expansion limit


We have a discord chat with all of my schools teams as well as a few local teams that we are going to discuss it together.