Game reveal video now being wrong after auton point update

As yesterday marked the start of my schools official in class scheduled time robotics meeting. We played the game reveal video now because i have been working and paying attention over the summer I know that the auton points have been changed from 20 to 6. The game reveal video still says 20. This could lead to confusion for new people who are just starting the season and haven’t kept up to date on the game manual updates. I would hope that most people eventually come to the conclusion that it is correctly 6 points but the differences between the game manual and the reveal video is kinda big. Idk if anyone will do anything but I think its important to bring this to everyone attention


I’m willing to bet there’s a very small chance they redo the game reveal video. It’s not considered an official source for any rulings whatsoever, so if a team doesn’t do their due diligence and thoroughly reads the manual, it’s on them.


I don’t think they would change the video that’s kinda why I didn’t start pinging ppl who could actually do it.

Another very important thing to keep in mind is that you’re always supposed to use the link for the current game manual version, as it automatically updates.


I dont know who to ping, but they should put a big red disclaimer right above or below the video to clear up any confusion.


Maybe they should edit the video description

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