Gamecube Controller Controlled Bot

Recently I took apart a gamecube controller and i am in the process of connecting wires to the stick (the thing use use to move around in the gamecube games) and i am making an easyC program to control a robot. check back in a while for updates

coolor than a wiimote controlled one imo.

if you do this, your power level will be over 9000.

Seriously, this would be really sweet. If you do it, please please PLEASE put up a guide :smiley:

I will probably finish the bot tomorrow (tuesday june 9) or the day after that.

The guide might take a few more days

Note: this bot involves taking apart a gamecube controlller and the controller might not work after making this bot

I just finished the program for the bot and i tested it with motors that were not screwed on the bot so i know the program works. i got the wires connected to the gamecube controller and now i just have to build the bot (which wont take long)

Awesome! I’ll need a guide too.

Why… I have a USB Logitech controller right here that I could interface to a computer… Better yet my 3D input device.

the gamecube controller connects directly to the microcontroller

I just finished the bot and connected all the wires and tested it and it works! Now i just have to post some pics and videos and the code

I wish I had mad circuitry skills like you.

Sure, I can build a PC, but all that is is putting stuff into a motherboard, the circuitry is already made. You, on the other hand, had to interface the gamecube controller to your vex.


I’m guessing this may require soldering :frowning:

I haven’t uploaded any pics or anything because there was a big storm and my power went out. I posted this using my phone

I just uploaded pics and a vid and code for the bot

Being quite the avid gamer myself, this is a very cool hack. Are you going to put it back into the stock plastic? Any plans for trying to use the buttons as well? The analog stick seems very responsive. Great job!

Check out my Xbox 360 custom controller here: