I recently discovered a few new cool games you may all enjoy.
I will post them here and update my post with new ones every so often.
I am just going to make this the only thread I post games on because we don’t need a new thread for every game.
Feel free to comment on the games, but make sure to tell which you are talking about.
Also, all the games here are free, I don’t like to spend my money. :smiley:

Here is the new one:
Military game similar to Call of Duty 4, except free and online!

Here are the old games I previously posted:
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Kind of like a sim-city sort of game, except with wars and roman empires and such.

Phun Physics, create and destroy objects using almost real physics.


New place I will be updating to, that way I won’t be wasting this site’s thread space.

I found a cool game! It’s called Atmosphir. Learn more on No, I’m not advertising. It’s free, too!!!

Three words: Offroad Velociraptor Safari. Check it out.

Bloons TD Series is so cool