Gate-hopping 599B

Hi everybody,

My name is Derek Ung, I’m part of team 599, the Robodox of Granada Hills. I don’t have time right now to post the full reveal, but I will post the video of the part that everybody would be interested in.

We had a robot that could hop over the fence, become a wall-bot if necessary, and score like a standard New Zealander. Sadly, this was only completely true on the last day of competition. As beforehand, we had an issue with the drive, and our own mechanical failures plus our other team-mates mechanical failures meant we lost the majority of our matches.

Nonetheless, I’m pretty proud of what we accomplished.

Pics of the actual mechanism and explanations to follow this Saturday, when school can be paused for a moment :stuck_out_tongue:

So what do you think?


most impressive.

so pneumatics to push a rack gear against the wheel gears?

i remeber the look on your guys faces when i saw this at worlds :). Well it happened on the practice feild and you guys looked really happy. I like the concept, and you guys should be proud, cause your the only ones who even attempted it.

I agree. It’s awesome that your team was able to do this (even if late). Plus the way you did it is pretty inovative I think. :slight_smile:

Pneumatics to get the front to stay off the ground and then more pneumatics to activate a shifter. The rack gear engages a spur gear against the drive, so you get the entire power of the drive train pushing the rear up.

Thanks! It was quite the glorious day since we spent 1 week thinking about whether we should do it, and then 2 weeks thinking, this better happen :smiley:

Thanks for showing us this in video form at Worlds! You guys completely blew my mind when I saw this. Did you ever end up using this in a match? Amazing work of engineering, especially the way the drive motors are used to power the hop.

We only got this to work on the last day of comp, when we ended up promising a judge that it would work haha. And I don’t know why, but I messed up during a match and wasn’t able to show it off.

Technology had no wall-bots, had I been in Engineering and had a wallbot opposing team in the last match, it would have been absolutely glorious. But it was what it was.

I agree with well…everybody else. That is really impressive. Great job!!

Sweet concept! Definitely would have been interesting to see against a wall bot.

It looks very good, but how practical would it actually have been in a match? You can’t go into a zone with the gate down, but it may be the only way to get around a wallbot with the gate up.

There was one wallbot, 1471A, which was the second team on the first alliance (5113A, 1471A and 4160B). They actually revealed on the forums. I’d have to say fence hopping may be really amazing from an engineering point of view, but strategically, there are some more surefire ways to beat wallbots (as seen when 2243B, 1492X and 4886A were able to upset that first seeded alliance in the quarterfinals).

Good job! I was very tired of seeing NZ Bots at Worlds, but I like your robot a lot!

We had a concept for a fence-hopping design, but we never implemented it because we simply didn’t have enough pneumatics. It would have 4 wheel drive, and the wheels (mounted on sliders) would be raised and lowered by small, pneumatic arms.

This picture is not at all proportional to itself.

thats pretty awesome

i really like it, but i believe gate hopping was illegal.

Yes, gatehopping was illegal. Fencehopping (over the black “fence” between the isolation zones) when both gates were up was fine.

It was just difficult, and the opposing alliance could easily prevent you from using it until the last 30s just by leaving their gate down, so most teams didn’t try to do it.

saw that on the practice field that was awesome!!! Nice Job

When we built this, we decided that it couldn’t detract from the original purpose, of having a high efficiency scorer. We made a little sacrifice in speed, but I still say it does the same job of any other NZ scorer, with a lot of power to just push them away from any goal we need.

And so fence-hopping was a true add-on, we would never use it if we didn’t have to. But consider this scenario:

A wall bot and a high efficient scorer, wall bot must be in interaction while the scorer is in iso. Unless they open the gate, the scorer only has 5-7 pieces, something easy to out score. Plus I can also play defense by blocking off the opposing Iso 30.

Basically, hopping would defeat wall-bots, that was my intention. Of course, there are more cunning ways to defeat them. But I also wanted to see if I could actually do it :smiley:

And our 1:1 ratio would take care of any score only alliance, as we could mess with them by shoving them anywhere we like.

That would be pretty awesome to see, a hopping one or not. The only weird part about that idea is how to get the wheels to remain in contact with the entire drive train, or just run a motor individually to each wheel.

As seen in the picture, the wheels would be mounted to the same slider as the motor, and the motors would drive the wheels with chains. Each wheel could have its own motor, but you could also leave the middle wheels unpowered and still have at least 2 motor-driven wheel on the ground at any time during the hop.

I wish we could’ve built this robot, but we’re proud of our real Gateway robot.

You should also mention that your team coach (me) kept telling you that it probably couldn’t be done!

I’m very impressed. Fantastic job. I just love it when you guys prove me wrong!

  • Mr. Van
    Coach, Robodox