Gateway CAD

after finishing all my projects in Autodesk Inventor, I found my self very bored, so I decided to design my own robot in CAD. I also decided that I would design other peoples robots. If you are interested in having your robot designed PM me, but Ill see how long they take to make each robot, also if anyone else wants to help out PM me and we could try set up a picture database, I think this would be quite a fun little project, and it would be great if people could help out with the CADing :stuck_out_tongue:


To add to the database idea; it could be on the vex wiki, similar to how the Gateway Videos page was created.

Haha, I was considering doing this too but I decided against it because they would miss out on the learning process. But I guess it’ll be ok if they have a general idea of what they want since its about mid season. After this month id be up to this as well. school is just hectic this time of year especially for gr. 12 university applications!

I thought that this would be a great time to start CADing robots as all the robots are mostly fully developed… and I have lots of time

Well I wouldn’t say “fully developed” :stuck_out_tongue:

Ours certainly isn’t. :smiley:

I did say “mostly fully developed” not just “fully developed”