Gateway lift prototype

For Gateway we decided that we would only pick up one game piece at a time and score it very quickly. In the end we decided to go with a single-jointed arm, but we also built a lift prototype that I think was pretty cool. If only it was a little faster, we would have probably used it after working out some issues :stuck_out_tongue:

Here it is:

Not guna lie, thats pretty cool.


when i first looked at it i was like, “oh it’s just a multistage lift with an arm”. Now i realized the chain actually continues and attaches to the arm.

I like it!

Could you gear it up to lift faster or is this the upper limit you saw before not lifting?

THAT IS AWESOME ! ! ! we just did a four bar, but in comparison, ours is a maestro, yours is a Porsche

For the non Brits on the forum, the Maestro was another unfortunate attempt at making a car by British Leyland in the 80’s that I remember well. Hopefully there are not too many left on the road.

Yeh, i was hoping people would just google maestro car …