Gateway Pre-Worlds Skills Results

I was wondering if anyone had or could point me to the Gateway skills standing as they were before worlds (the standings that invitations were sent based upon). I’m competing in a gateway tournament next week and would like to know how our potential scores match up to the world. Any rankings would help if a complete list is not available.

Robot skills -

Programming skills -

Wow, silly me.
I read that page before posting the question and took it as the skills results FROM the world competition, not before it… whoops.

Well thanks, haha
Looks like we are in decent shape then!

good luck. what score are you looking at shooting for? and are you using the original setup or the worlds setup?

We’re using the original setup.
For programming skills we have 21 pts down, possibly 28 depending on how quick we are and if we can successfully score the second doubler (so far we’ve had about a 50% success rate).
For driver skills we have 28 pts down and we’re shooting for 32 if we modify our strategy a little.
But, no guarantees of course :stuck_out_tongue: Yall know how robots are!

best thing you can do is practice, most people take it for granted, but it really does help

Just curious, why are you competing in a Gateway competition after the season is over? Also, congrats on the score of 21 thats impressive.

I compete in TSA (Technology Student Association). It an extra-curricular high school club/competition. Competitions are held on the district (sometimes), state, and national level.
We ran our district TSA VRC event, won our state event, and in a week will be competing in the National competition in Nashville, Tennessee.
TSA is comprised of about 30 of STEM-related competitions (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math). They introduced VRC to the list a couple of years ago, but TSA Nationals is always in the summer so the tournament is after the season’s over.

And thanks, hopefully Monday we can perfect the 28 point run since the robot leaves Tuesday, but either way I’m confident we should do well in the skills challenges at least.