Gateway Question

Just pretend my alliance is blue.
When the gate is open to red alliance isolation zone, but we are getting blocked by the red alliance. Can we we build a mechanism to get over there colored pvc pipe instead of getting through the gate?
Is it mandatory to use the gate to get to there isolation zone?

I’m confused. Isn’t their colored PVC pipe the gate?


Does the whole red pvc pipe or gate go up or only partial? If only partial then can we build a mechanism that can go over the red gate that doesen’t move?

Maui - Have you looked at the field construction drawings yet?

They will probably clear up some of you questions, and if you refer to the names in them, you will be able to use more precise descriptions in question like the one being discussed in this thread.

gblake I have already looked at the field drawings I can’t understand them, so I was wondering if someone could tell me.

I have a couple of unanswered questions after reading the game description, scoring and manual.

First off, I don’t know if I am blind or not, but I was unable to find how much the autonomous bonus was? Is there even an autonomous bonus?

Also, now with the floor goals, would it be considered legal to descore scoring objects from them? And if it would be illegal, if a scoring object happened to be partially over the white line and your robot by accidently hits off causing it to be no longer scored it would seem a little unfair to be disqualified? I don’t know thats just my opinion.

And finally, I was able to play around the Gateway field at World Championships and noticed you could score objects through the pvc pipes on the circular goal. Now, lets say the circular goal was filled to the brim with all legal scored objects and you decide to lift the stack and place one of your objects would this be legal? Also if it would be, would you be able to descore the top piece because it now being above the circular ring on top?


There is no auton bonus this year.
Was it easy to push the game pieces through the pipes?

on the circular goals without any ring on top was easy.

I could see that being the case because after looking at the specs on the goals, I determined each of the “pins” that hold the goal up are ~5.7" away from each other, and the balls and barrels have a diameter of ~6." If the objects have any give then you will be able to push them through the pins on the 20" and 30" goals. It won’t work for the 11.5" goals though because those have rings on top.

This is definitely something important to consider when thinking about strategy.

OK - In this file “VEX Gateway - Field Specs.20110404.pdf” that is part of the collection of files that are initially zipped into “” when you download the game manual and appendices; look at the 28th page (28th according to Adobe’s PDF viewer).

You should be looking at “Sheet 10 of 17” of “VRC12-FIELD-ASSY REV1”.

See what they show will occur in Step 2 and Step 3 as the field is assembled? Those brackets on the two gate pipes create a single parallelogram from the two brackets plus the two pipes. You would not be able to move either pipe alone without disassembling that parallelogram.

On the next page you can see how the gate will look when it is up and a Velcro strap has been used to ensure it stays up for the rest of the match.

The drawings on page 14 (according to Adobe) of the file show similar information and they show the gate dimensions someone asked about recently.

I’m not trying to be a jerk; but by the end of the season I do get really tired of reading questions written before the questioner reads the rules. Thanks for looking and then reporting that you were having problems understanding what you were seeing.

Next time it will be even more helpful for the person answering if you list the specific files and pages or rules that confuse you. For example, if someone only reads the game manual, but doesn’t look at the field specs, they have not taken the time to read everything, and can be given a simple answer like “Look in the ___ file”. That should make things easy for the person answering, and for the person getting the answer.

Does reviewing the pages I cited in the VEX Gateway - Field Specs.20110404.pdf file clear things up for you?


Yes it has thank you so much. Aloha

This thread is about the Gates - Shouldn’t you put these questions in a (existing) thread that has an appropriate title?

sorry I just saw the cover Gateway questions and I had some questions

Your first question is answered in other threads. Search for “Autonomous” and look at the recent threads.

In the official Q&A, answers about manipulating game objects have consistently said that if something isn’t explicitly forbidden, then it is allowed.

SG9 only forbids removing (from goals) objects that satisfy clause 1 of the definition of “Scored”.

<SG9> Robots are not permitted to remove (descore) any Scoring Objects which are considered Scored by clause 1 of the definition of Scored. Violations of this rule will result in a Disqualification. (See figure 14).

I think those two things answer your 2nd question.

I also think an official question about whether using a 2-step process of lifting and then removing an object from a goal is going to be forbidden along with the action <SG9> currently forbids.


Most of us at VEX and RECF are traveling today, but will be in the office tomorrow. If there are official questions in the Game Q & A, then they will get answered this week. I can tell you this:

Our intent is that when a game piece is in the goals, with the ENTIRE game piece below the top of the PVC pipes, anything you do to make that game piece come out of the goal will be considered an ILLEGAL descore no matter how many different steps you take to get it there.

I am certain Karthik will provide an official answer if the question is posed as he is much better at clarifying rules than I am.


PS - As a side note, we hate penalties. We try to design the game so that clear actions are penalized. If we just had a line for the gate, then many unintentional line crossings would cause a very high amount of penalties. Besides, we think the gate looks cool.

I admire how creative you all can be in getting every advantage within the rules. I was at breakfast in the hotel Sunday morning with some students when I first heard, “what if we lift the game object in the goal just enough to slide ours in underneath it to get the bonus?” I can’t wait to see what all of you will come up with when you’ve had more than 12 hours to think about it.

For those of you that can’t wait for an answer:

I for one am taking a break to rest up from Round Up. First events are not until June, so there is time to figure out the new game.

If a robot wants to remove a barrel or a ball in the circular goals, the barrel or the ball must be partially or completely above the PVC pipes. Descoring barrels or balls below the pipes is prohibited and can result in a disqualification.

My interpretation was simply: don’t descore; if a robot inadvertently descores (a scoring element which isn’t completely stable), we won’t penalize them

I believe I remember hearing at Worlds that there is an autonomous bonus for the very first robot to score in a goal in autonomous, but I may be mistaken because a few people say there is no bonus.