Gateway rules question

Hello. I have a question about gateway scoring rules. I scored a double barrel in the isolation zone but it was kinda in between the 2 medium goals, however touching the pieces we wanted doubled. As a result we lost 3 points ad therefore the 3rd match of the semi finals round. I just wanted up know if we had a case pleading the “it’s touching the next barrel” rule. They did not count it because of the rule saying its in between the goals. Thanks all!

its my understanding that shouldent be counted

If you want an official ruling ask this in the official questions section

You should ask in the official Q&A, however, this was from another similar question.

Clause 2 of the definition of scored says that an object is scored if:

So by looking at your picture, the barrel looks to be within the the outer ring of two circular goals, so it would not be considered scored. I do not see any rules about the negation barrel touching the scoring objects.
But as Thorondor said above, you need to ask this question in the Official Q&A Section.

People are getting very mixed messages here - on the one hand, Karthik in the official Q+A quite reasonably drops hints that people should find the answers for themselves when the answers are clear-cut and in the manual, and on the other hand whenever someone asks the community at large about the rules they are told to go to the official Q+A.

In this case, G-C VEX ME has been given the correct answer three times within 45 minutes, and the Q+A has one thread fewer that every team who wants to keep up with the rules needs to read. I would call that a success. If G-C VEX ME isn’t convinced that we have given the right answer then asking the official Q+A would be a very reasonable next step, but I don’t think it’s neccessary.

Yes, it isn’t scored, and doubler barrels only double the points of goals in which they are scored.

I don’t know where you heard about an “it’s touching the next barrel” rule, but it doesn’t exist.

Wow, I wish the ref’s could see this. We got in a situation like this in Qualifying, and the ref’s said it counted. We lost the match because of that.

There’s no need for the referees to see this thread, they made the correct call (assuming we’re referring to the same match). The situation wasn’t the same as this thread. In your match, the doubler barrel was above the blue goal and within its outer perimeter. It protruded over the fence, but did not extend into the outer perimeter of the red goal. I saw this first-hand and 100% agree with the referee’s ruling.

Ok. I guess i saw it wrong. For some reason i thought the corner was in side the top. Its over it dont matter