Gateway Skills Challenge ideas

While we’re all thinking about the best way to win the game, there’s also the skills challenge on the side. This thread is supposed to be for your ideas on the skills challenge: intakes, routes, random notes, etc. For starters,

-There’s no other robots on the field to worry about, and the objects will always be in the same position
-The optimum score is one game object in every goal except 2 30" goals. Then the rest split between those two with doublers in them. The max score with that is then 52, but unless you stack above the top of the goal, there is no way to get that score.
-An intake needs to be able to pick up and index several objects (7-10?) that are placed on the field in stacks of 2.
-An intake needs to score single objects, but scoring single objects while dumping into a 30" goal is extremely slow; like a round up needle dumping 4 tubes into a ladder, as opposed to a claw dropping all 4 instantly.

This is one way to get the maximum score. You can also just not put the bonus object in one of the goals and put that object in a doubled goal instead for the same score.

I took a drawing of the Gateway Robot Skills field and started drawing the best routes to take to score all the barrels/balls. Same with autonomous. Just draw it out first…

It seems like the most feasible compromise of selective scoring of goals(keep total linear distance covered under approximately 100 feet) and number of objects in a goal (7 maximum, or one over the top in the 30 inch goals), a current pathway we’ve drawn includes 6 objects and one doubler in each 30 inch goal, and 2 objects each in the remaining isolation zone goals and the two 11.5 inch goals in the interaction zone. That sums to a final score of 46 points.

And even then, you need a reasonably fast robot with a good object accumulator and a capacity of 7 to drive the path.

I venture to say that the winning skills score will be between 40 and 50 points. 40 seems like a good score to aim for regardless.

I agree, I would be very surprised if the winning score wasn’t at least 40. In New Zealand, for anyone who doesn’t know, team 720p has already managed 38.

I would also be very surprised if any team gets over 47. That’s 6 objects plus a doubler in each of two of the 30" goals, as well as scoring all the bonus points, as well as scoring all the objects.

It is VERY possible with Team 1103. Can’t wait to see his robot!

If I’m not mistaken, team 1103 has been retired.

yeah, he retired :frowning:
at least he left with a bang :slight_smile:

That stinks…

Don’t worry, there will be plenty of amazing teams this year. In Clean Sweep, we saw 254A, and in Round Up we saw 1103 dominating in every match they played.

A huge part of robot skills is also precision on a quick intake/outtake. So many teams don’t do well because they just can’t get the objects in the goals reliably.

I know. Good luck all!

1103 has retired?!
what a shame… he inspired me so much that i was hoping that my teams can try to match up with him in the next world championship.

well… there are many other good teams still around to have fun with :slight_smile:

I agree. 3018, 254, 44, and others…