Gateway version of the ProtoBOT

For anyone who may want to use the Gateway game for Summer workshops or camps, here is a version of the ProtoBOT that can score in the low goals and floor goals.

We encountered a team last year at the World Championships that was using a protobot… I’m not quite sure how they qualified for Worlds.

  1. Small tournament winner
  2. Rookie tournament winner
  3. Third alliance partner on the winning alliance at a weak/small tournament
  4. The third pick of a strong robot, chosen because they are from the same school.
  5. The only robot running Robot Skills at an event
  6. The most amazing driver in VEX

We saw one, too… They actually were really good for coming with just a Protobot.


There might be another protobot this year :wink: They qualified through the excellence award from their own tournament…

I’m going to go with number 6. :slight_smile:

Although FirePheonix makes a good point.

  1. Biased Excellence Award winner. :frowning:

Regardless, it’s always amusing to see a protobot running in competition. Hey, it’s a unique design for Gateway. :wink: And at least it can score, unlike teams I’ve seen at tournaments with squarebots…

Thanks for the instructions! I’ll be running 2-3 camps this summer and this modification is on my list of teaching possibilities.

square bots can score in floor goals
or even just get in someones way fairly well

Nice robot! Functional but also simple and easy to make.

Maybe they forgot to bring their robot :eek:

Then they had to make one from scratch at the last second

nice robot! functional but easy and simple to build.

maybe they forgot to bring their robot to the Worlds. :eek:

Then they had to build one from scratch at the last second.

That seems like a different thing to forget. :rolleyes: