Gateway Videos

I am looking for some RECENT Gateway videos. Is there some teams that would like to share?


this would be a good thread to compile all the youtube videos in the first post
it would be helpful if you just started pasting links in the first post and then we can post the links you may have missed, or newer videos and you can add them to the main post when you have time
that way, it would be easy to sort through the vids you have or havent seen
especially when some vids are titled “WMA0038”

OK, I will compile them later. Thanks!

I created a Wiki page for sharing Round up videos last year.

It started up well and then fizzled out as new videos were released too quickly for the few people maintaining the page to keep up with. I think it is the most organized way to share videos. I (or someone else) can start a new page for Gateway if there’s interest. The main thing is that it needs enough traffic to stay up to date enough to be useful. Maybe this year, more people would be interested in contributing.

Thanks! I know there are a few competitions released on YouTube, but I have watched them at least 2 times each. I need new stuff…