Gateway Videos

I am starting to make a page of all the Gateway videos out on youtube and other sources here:

If you guys have any videos that you want on there, you can do it yourself, or I will be happy to put it on there.

I am making this page so we don’t have to go all over You Tube looking. They will be right there for you to go to (Even though it will take you to youtube).

Thank you all!

Does anyone know of any Programming Skills videos?


This is a pretty amazing idea. :slight_smile:

Wow, awesome idea, this should make it way easier for people to find videos. I hope as a collective effort we can keep it updated. Awesome idea, good job!

Unfortunately, if you’re looking for the 2011 World Cup videos from New Zealand, we have been asked to take them down, so none of the links to those matches will work at the moment. I don’t think there are any on the wiki page anymore, but it applies to any other links on our website or anywhere else as well. The videos of our robots are staying up though.

That’s fine. I had them all in then it said I couldn’t complete the transaction. Oh well.

Does anyone know of any Programming Skills Challenge videos?

Thanks for all the support.

Also, does anyone have any comments on the layout of the page?

Thanks for all the comments!

Wow, there is about 800 page views on the Gateway Videos page already. I just made it yesterday!

Hi, All teams at the VRWC were willing to have their pictures and video posted. The event was sponsored to promote VEX both in New Zealand and the world, we really want to spread the tallent around the globe. I apologise that this has happened, the Kiwibots were unaware of it. I will take steps to make sure the video become available as soon as I can.

After further discussion we’ve been able to put the videos back up again; apologies for any confusion. We’ve made a playlist of all the videos to make it a bit easier to watch all of them:

We applaud the Gracious Professionalism that our teams are showing by revealing their top designs (so far) so early in the season knowing that it will result in many clones and helping teams around the world grow and understand the principals behind the current designs. They acknowledge and welcome the fact that it will lift the standard of the competition Worldwide and that they still have six months to make all the changes and improvements they have under their caps and do driver practice. We like keeping the pressure on down here! At least they know what a lot of the robots at the World Competition will look like and design theirs to counteract the designs. Our focus in New Zealand is to grow the competition both in New Zealand and Oceania as a whole. Winning is cool but changing others lives by spreading your passion and knowledge is what makes people true statesmen.
In March we fully expect to have a cracking National competition that will make the robots in the Robotics World Cup seem like rookies.

Do you mind if I put the World Cup videos on the Gateway Videos page?

Thank you for putting those back up! They are really intense to watch :smiley:

I added/changed some things here.

I am trying to get it very organized so you don’t have to click the link to find out what it is.

Please tell me if it is good or needs changes.

Thanks you all :smiley:

looks nice
good job! :slight_smile:
now when new competition vids show up, it would be good to list the “categories” by the date too
so we all know when they took place

I like that idea.

Thank you for the suggestion :smiley:

Go ahead. We only ask teams to avoid carbon copies as the teams that developed those machines spent literally hundreds of hours designing and building them. Teams will learn from improving but nothing from copying. Perhaps even acknowledge the teams from who you got your ideas so they can get credit and may even tell you more.

I agree.

We are not exactly copying team 8176’s Gateway robot, but we are doing the same basic design.

We actually already pretty much had the idea they had before we saw their robot.

I have the World Cup videos on the Gateway Videos page now.

Sounds like a good idea. I’ll be glad to help!

Have there any recent competitions that have posted videos recently?

Thank you all :smiley:

I have the Washington Jumpstart competition videos uploaded.

Are there any programming/driver skills videos from that competition that anyone has?

Thank you :smiley: