Gateway Videos

I have added some more videos onto the page.

Does anyone know of any more Programming Skills Videos?

i dont have any programming skills, but feel free to add our 35pt driver skills run

unfortunately we dont have our 40pt filmed D: but il give it to you if we do film it :slight_smile:

That was REALLY good. I will get to that soon.

In your video description, would you mind putting the total points you got in that video?


Is there a way to imbed a youtube video onto the page?

Like on youtube, you just click play and the video will play without you leaving the page.

I want to do that with video for the page.


I added a College Gateway Videos page for College videos.

Please add them when you find some.

Here is the link:

I have added some Zionsville Fall VEX Competition videos.

If you have any more from that competition, you can put them on there yourself, or I can maybe do it.

This video is a tutorial on how to embed the videos on to the page. I have not tried it but just thought it would help.

I’ve added some Granada Hills videos to my team’s Youtube channel. Feel free to add them to the collection. Here’s the link

Do you have a less blurry picture of your robot?

Right now, 1107B is my favorite robot, but this one just might take the cake.

wow thanks, that really means a lot coming from you :slight_smile:

but hey hey, well release a few more vids soon to keep our edge :wink:

Personally, I absolutely love jacko’s robot and think it’s probably one of the best if not the best in the world right now. It’s really efficient in terms of speed of the lift, intake, and drive train while still being able to lift 6 objects.

Awesome! :stuck_out_tongue:

theres a few floating around -


its also in the world cup finals videos on youtube…

Unfortunately, last week we said good bye to opporunity… (the robot) because we have redesigned and hopefully our V3 robot will be ready for the next scrimmage :)](

Thanks for all the videos! I am going to try to get those in soon.

Please post links to videos/channels that you want on the Gateway Videos page!


Thanks for doing this, this is really helpful when showing people about the recent competitions going on!

Thanks Bot-E!

You are so welcome!

I am happy to help :smiley:

Just thought id let you know that all the links seem to be broken, maybe its part of the new youtube? because the ones i just posted work, yet the older ones dont

They are all working for me??? Either its something on your end, or someone fixed it.

Anyway, who else hates new Youtube? Seems like every time they change it it gets worse and worse :mad:!

The links that I clicked seem to work just fine.

Here is my teams 14 point programming skills runs.
We got 15 later that day, but did not get that recorded.


Looks like we are a bit behind on the video updates time to update!