GDC not answering questions?

Did the GDC stop answering question on ? I have noticed that in the past three weeks no post was answered.

I am not too concerned - there was this little thing called V5 that took a lot of people off-line.

They will get answered.

I will say that the amount of questions posted in the Q&A section on robotevents are far less than the questions posted in the Q&A section on the VEX Forum so it should give the GDC less workload and increase their capabilities to answer everyone’s questions. But yet again I can see that they probably could be occupied with V5 as well because of its release and what-not, so I can’t complain. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

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I’m going to chime in and take personal responsibility for this one, since I don’t want the impression of the GDC as a whole to suffer for something that is pretty much solely my fault. Though the other members of the GDC chime in and discuss most questions internally (and have been for the questions that are currently open), the RE system is set up such that I personally approve each answer before it goes live. The V5 rollout and Paul’s transition have been a full-time priority for myself and many of the rest of us here at HQ; my day job (outside of GDC) as Sales Director at VEX means that I’ve been closely personally involved with both of those items day-to-day.

We should be able to at least get all of the backlog questions (posted prior to last Friday) answered by this Friday, if not more. Hopefully we will soon get back on our anticipated cycle for this season as posted in the Usage Guidelines, which was that questions posted by Wed-Thurs would be answered by Friday of the same week.

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I’ve deleted one message for spam.

Hi Grant,

There appears to be a backlog of Q&A questions waiting for answers… I know times are not easy.