Gear Box

What about like a clutch gear box, mostly for wheels but maybe other uses, almost like in a car, with 3 gear ratios contained within, a 1:1, and 1 for strength, 1 for speed, that way you can choose and change gear ratios throughout the compotition from your remote, and also have the gears be insterchangable, which makes need for more product to be sold.

You could probably make your own with pneumatics and the large gear box from the winch and pulley kit, but even then that would probably not work. So good idea.

You can build a pretty effective two speed gearbox out of VEX parts, and I have cadded out a 3 Speed, but I don’t have the time to test it.
With A Three Speed Box, I would Recommend using a pneumatic piston to shift, and have these ratios:
1:1 Regular
1:3 Speed
3:1 Torque

This should give you the best results.

In all honesty I think a 4 speed transmission would be easier than a 3 speed to construct. Also the clutch system is for more complicated. Imagine the motions your hand goes through changing gear and that is not even mentioning the clutch pedal.

You can easily make a 3 spd linear tranny. Problem is that they are really bulky

Minus the remote-controlled part, this kind of already exists with the interchangeable internal gears they have for the motors. with the High-Strength, High -Speed, and Turbo Gears you have 3 gear ratio options that you can do inside the motor, and that’s as compact as you’ll get. The only time someone should need to shift during use is if you need some kind of PTO or if you really need a high and low gear on something (i.e. a drive). However in VEX, a high and low gear for a drive tends to not make much sense as the playing field is relatively small.

f you’re that desperate to shift during use, then making your own system is the way to go.