gear boxes

different gear boxes for the vex servos. planetary gear boxes and others to increase torque or speed. any thoughts?

One of our teams successfully built the planetary gear system this year. However, it did not seem to be the most efficient use of motors for this game I would say. Maybe for another game it would be better or if more than 10 motors were allowed.

The planetary system worked like it was supposed to, but friction can be a killer. They switched back to a regular non-switchable drive train now.

So overall, very cool, but maybe too much complexity for what was needed.

One of our teams, 4886x, also built a successful planetary system, but instead of having it be for drive, it was used for a drive to lift switch, so 8 motors on drive, and with the push of a button 2 pistons came down and locked the drive gears and then the pistons locking the lift gears came up. It did work but they decided that there were better uses for their motors.