Gear Calculator BETA released

For the last 7 hours I have been writing this so here it is.

It really only has one flaw and that is that you can only do a gear increase or reduction ratio not a combination of the two. The only other thing is that the gears are split into three different ratios. Gears 1/2 Gears 3/4 Gears 5/6 So gear 2 doesn’t drive gear three and gear 4 doesn’t drive gear 5. What I mean is that gear 3 would spin on the axle of gear 2 and gear 5 would spin on the axle of gear 4. Sounds confusing but its pretty simple.

There are directions written on the program in a paragraph.

Vex would not let me upload a .exe file so I had to use mediafire, hope you don’t mind!


Please tell me what you think about it!!!

If you find any bugs please post it or pm me.



Has anyone download it yet?

Your program works great. I am new to this but I think the “drive” gear is important to identify to calculate speed and torque. Do you assume the #1 gear is the drive gear rather than the driven gear?

Yes, the number one gear would be the first gear attached to the motor also know as the “Drive Gear”. I will change it so that it reads “Drive Gear” instead of Gear 1 in the next release. The next release will be packed with new features which will be about a week from now.

Also did the program fit on your screen ok? I have been having problems with that because my laptop screen has a very high resolution and the program sometimes gets cut off when run at lower resolutions.


I have found an error in the program, when you do a speed reduction with gear 1/2 the rpm and torque is correct but when you use gear 3/4 and gear 5/6 the rpm and torque are not correct. For speed increase though everything works ok.

The screen looked good.